IHSS for Today’s Families

No one cares for your children quite like you. Circle of Care Colorado empowers you to take charge of your child’s health management by choosing a trusted provider or becoming an In-Home Support Services (IHSS) attendant yourself. It’s the next evolution in home healthcare, designed specifically for Colorado families.

How It Works

Once approved for services by your Medicaid case manager, you or the attendant of your choosing will train with Circle of Care Colorado’s experienced IHSS staff, learning how to properly and safely execute routine health maintenance activities.
From there, you’ll become part of the Circle of Care team, earning pay and benefits – including paid time off and 401(k) eligibility – by providing focused pediatric care for your loved one.

In Your Own Home


Pay and Benefits


For the Modern Family

Take the First Step Toward Independent Pediatric Care

Your child deserves the best care from someone they can trust. Talk to Circle of Care today about becoming an IHSS attendant right in your own home.